Types and Styles of Prom Dresses – Terms and Definitions

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Prom dresses come in many different styles. It’s good to know the prom-related terms and definitions related to prom dresses and prom accessories before shopping….

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Are you bewildered when it comes to shopping for prom dresses? With all the types of formal gowns and dresses available, there are also many terms that describe the length, design, neckline, and style of a prom dress. You might feel overwhelmed when speaking with a sales clerk at a formal wear shop or even while shopping online for prom dresses. Below we’ve put together some helpful terms and definitions to help you be an informed shopper for prom dresses and other prom-related items of women’s interests.

Prom Dress Styles

Some of the prom dress styles you might see include the ball gown, A-line (princess), sheath, lace-covered, high-low, baby doll, chiffon, one-shoulder, empire, golden glamour, modest, and halter.

Ballroom Gowns and A-Line Prom Dresses

A ballroom gown has a very large skirt that billows out from the waist to the mid-calf or ankles. It might have a fitted waist and top or a corset type top. The A-line or princess dress flares out to the hemline and is narrow near the waist. It forms an “a” shape as it fits to your body from top to bottom.

High-Low, Lace-Covered, and Chiffon Prom Dresses

The high-low dress zigzags vertically at the hemline so it is short in some spots and long in others. The sheath prom dress is one that clings to the body and hides nothing concerning your figure. The lace-covered dress can be a satin or satin-like material underneath with lace as a top layer. Chiffon dresses look similar to a fancy night robe worn by the women of Rome or Greece. With a high empire waist, the dress is long and flows from the hips down to the ankles. It is great for almost any figure.

Baby Doll, One-Shoulder, and Sleeveless Gowns

The baby doll prom dress is typically very short and cute. It usually fits at the top and flows at the bottom with a high waistline in between. Baby doll dresses usually come with a tied ribbon or belt around the stomach area to give the “baby dress” look. One-shoulder prom dresses have only one shoulder strap, of course, with the other side being sleeveless. These are usually long and elegant gowns. There are also completely strapless formal gowns and prom dresses. These can be worn with or without a jacket or wrap.

Halter, Golden Glamour, and Modest Prom Dresses

The halter prom dress looks similar to a halter top at the sleeves and then flows toward the knees. It is usually no longer than just below the knees and may look similar to a high-low dress at the hemline. The golden glamour dress is usually shiny gold to appear like “Hollywood” style apparel. The modest prom dress is beautiful, simple, and modest. It covers everything while still giving the wearer a touch of glamour and elegance.

Types of Sleeves

Cap sleeves are short and cover only the upper arms and shoulders. Juliet sleeves are puffy at the shoulders and taper all the way to the wrist. Some sleeves start below the shoulders or appear to “hang off” the shoulders. Also, spaghetti straps are thin straps with no sleeves.


Necklines are also important when choosing a prom dress. The empire neckline scoops out and then connects with a very high waistline. A sweetheart neckline looks like the top of a heart. A jewel neckline is simple and round, located just above the collarbone. The boat neckline (Bandeau) comes around to each collarbone, similar to a sailor’s suit.

Other Prom Terms to Know

There are also handbags, or small purses, and clutches that can match your prom dress. Clutches are small hand-held bags with no straps. Shawls and wraps are not jackets but fit around your shoulders loosely. You can wear them when outdoors during cold weather and easily remove them for dancing. A tiara is a princess-type hairpiece than can be worn with your hair up or down. There are elbow gloves and wrist gloves. Elbow gloves reach to your elbow, covering the bottom part of your arm while wrist gloves only cover the hands.

Before shopping for a prom dress, know what styles and accessories you are looking for so you can save time. Also, go online to view all the different styles available. You can even find great deals online on prom dresses by designers such as Mori Lee, Jovani, Clarisse, Niteline, Dave and Johny, Paris, Riva and Alyce Designs. There are often beautiful dresses online for the prom, homecoming, and other formal events that a local formal wear shop might not offer.

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How to Concentrate in 4 Magic Steps

By , March 27, 2017 7:27 am


Learn how to stay focused through the turmoil of life by following a few tips that teach you how to concentrate on your goal.

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One of the main problems that deter a person’s success is their lack of concentration. Lapses encourage disturbances to get in the way and stall progress. If ones wishes to proceed on their road to success, it is imperative they learn how to concentrate. Here, we show you some easy to learn exercises that are easy to implement.

1) Silence or Noise:
Most people cannot concentrate when it is too noisy, but others work better with music or others in the midst of a crowded room. If you are not aware as yet what best suits you, then try out the different environments. How? Take a notepad and a pencil or pen with you and try and write down a letter in all the three circumstances in a set amount of time. Ten minutes. That is all you will need to determine where your source of concentration lies. How? Check not only for length but also for development as that is more important.

2) Focal Point:
Every morning, before you leave for work or on the way, stare at any object for ten minutes. You can do this while in the toilet, car or bus. You will find this difficult, but whatever happens, do not move your gaze away. Hold it. Wait. And then, as the minutes pass you will find yourself deeply meditating about things that happened to you yesterday or challenges you have to face in a few minutes. Congratulations. You have just conquered the art of meditation.

3) Deep Breathing:
In the beginning, you can do this while staring at the object from tip number two, but if you wish to move towards real concentration, do this separetly. Sit down on the floor. If its hard, place a cushion. Close your eyes. Breathe. Count the number of inhales. When you have reached 100, start counting backwards but this time count the exhales. Mastering this will take you a while, but once you do move on to other kinds of mathemathical calculations such as naming the months of the year from December backwards or alphabetically. After that, make up exercises as you like.

4) Movement:
Focus on an animal: cat, dog or even ant or bird. Follow their every movement as if they exist in a vaccumm. Study every tiny spot on their body. The point of this is to learn how to diversify your concentration in such a way that movement does not deter you from your goal.

Practice the above four tips and like magic, you will start enjoying life to its fullest because you will be able to focus on the things you want to focus on and disregard those that disrupt. Practive the above tips daily and you will be that much more closer to achieving your dreams and goals. Best of Luck!

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The Kilt: Authentic Scottish Wear For A Modern Age

By , March 22, 2017 4:49 pm


The kilt may seem a quaint anachronism in these modern times, something that a brave few Scotsmen don on special days. But for the true Scotsman, the kilt stands for a long and noble history and more and more Scotsmen are wearing them with pride.

kilt, kilts, Scottish, tartan, plaid

You see them when watching the warriors of Braveheart racing through the glen or perhaps swirling around men’s waists in TV images from the annual Highland Games. They’re bright with tartan, crowned with sporran and have a dirk hanging boldly to the side. They’re kilts of course, and admittedly have a certain style. But do these garments have any place in the modern world? Ask any Scotsman, and you’ll find the answer is a resounding ‘aye’. So what role does this wrap around garment of tartan have in today’s age of designer fashion?

Firstly in today’s global village, more and more people find the need to connect with their roots and find their identity. Scotsmen are spread out across the globe both as emigrants and expatriates. And wherever they are, many feel the need to find their roots and reclaim their identity.

This sense of identity can involve far more than just being Scottish, for the tartan of the kilt is also associated with Scottish clans or families. In addition, tartans can also represent districts, counties, countries, corporations, States and Provinces, or schools and universities. So the wearing of a tartan can create this sense of belonging to a long and noble tradition..

From this tradition comes a sense of pride in being Scottish and the inheritor of an unique history and culture. In fact, the kilt played a key role in the development of the forging of the identity of Scotland as a nation. Originally the garb of the Highland minority, Highland wear became the symbol of Scottish independence after the Jacobite rebellions against the prohibition of the wearing of Highland garb in 1746. While formerly it was just the highland Scots who sported the kilt, the Lowland Scots showed their rebellion against the English by donning the kilt and sporran.

There’s also the simple fact that kilts just look so good. If you need any proof, just take a look at Sir Sean Connery in full Highland attire to see how distinguished the kilt wearer is. It was, another knight, Sir Colin Campbell, Brigadier-General of the Queen’s 93rd ‘Sutherland’ Highlanders, who summed up the style and status of the kilt so perfectly in the evocative phrase, “A man in a kilt is a man and a half.”

So if you’re ready to find your Scottish roots, take the plunge and don the kilt. You’ll not only reconnect with your roots but you’ll look quite distinguished in the process.

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What Style of Shoes is Business Casual?

By , March 18, 2017 2:08 am


Fridays at the office are considered business casual day. What does that exactly mean? Business is business and casual is casual so how do you combined the two styles? Friday is a dress down day so you know that business casual does not mean a suit but it does mean that you have look nice and neat but can be a little bit casual at the same time.

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Fridays at the office are considered business casual day. What does that exactly mean? Business is business and casual is casual so how do you combined the two styles? Friday is a dress down day so you know that business casual does not mean a suit but it does mean that you have look nice and neat but can be a little bit casual at the same time.

Let’s examine what Business Casual isn’t. Save the following items for your weekend or at-home wardrobe: zip-front hooded sweatshirts, team jackets, jean jackets, T-shirts with slogans, midriff-baring tops, tank tops, well-worn jeans, spandex pants, stirrup pants, overalls, biking shorts, sweat pants, mini skirts, see-through tops, halter tops, flip-flops, sneakers and sandals. Never forget that the first word in business casual is “business” and casual does not mean a day at the beach.

Business casual must always include high-quality pieces, hose or socks, appropriate underwear, footwear in good repair, coordinated accessories, clean, styled hair and makeup for women. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the type of footwear is considered business casual to finish off your outfit.

Slingbacks, women’s shoes with a cutout heel and a strap spanning the back of the ankle, defy simple categorization as they once did. Years ago, slingbacks were appropriate only during the summer months, and they were considered a casual shoe. Certainly, no self-respecting woman south of the Mason-Dixon Line would be caught dead in a slingback before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. Now, with a growing selection of women’s slingbacks, you can find a pair for every season and every occasion-from stay-at-home clothes to wedding attire. What determines the slingback’s suitability is the design of the shoe, the material, the embellishments, and whether it contributes to the overall desired look with the outfit?

You need to look at the entire spectrum of occasions, and offer suggestions for pairing slingbacks with outfits for each occasion. If you feel the shoes complement your outfit and you feel comfortable wearing them, let your personal sense of style guide you. People judge others by first impressions, and watches, handbags and shoes play an important role in first impressions. Cut corners elsewhere, but never with your shoes. Regardless of the style you wear, ensure that your shoe are in A-1 condition, with perfect sol. Casual shoes should be kept in the same tip-top, shined-up and scuff-free shape as their dressier counterparts. Do not wear 4 inch heels with a pair of dress pants and sweater. Those types of shoes look better with a dress suit or pant suit.

For men business casual shoes should definitely not include tennis shoes. There is nothing tackier than a man in dress pants with a pair of tennis shoes on. Styles range from penny loafers to lace-ups, leaving lots for comfort and budget preferences. Make sure that the heels and the fabric is clean, the leather polished, or the suede brushed. Wearing these types of shoes to finish off your business casual look will make you GQ all the way.

The old saying, “People take on the character of the costume,” isn’t a myth. It’s because of this truth there should be more business than casual in a company’s “business casual.” If the male and female definitions seem too rigid, then complain to the person where the buck stops. Company owners tend to complain about the business casual attitudes that accompany casual day because they’ve watched them evolve over time. That is why it’s important to sustain the level of business consciousness dictated by the respective company.

On the other hand, companies that demand a high stress, quick-paced level of productivity from their staff regularly may find benefits of invoking a more casual attitude once a week. Perhaps in such a case, it would allow employees to begin their weekend feeling more relaxed and come back on Monday feeling more mentally prepared for the new work week.

Whether you are in business causal or not you need to always remember that you are still doing business no matter what kind of clothes you have on. You need not be ashamed if you run into your CEO or a client visiting the office. Be comfortable but keep in the back of your mind you are still at work. Your business casual shoes can be loafers or tie up shoes, heels or flats as long as they are clean and look nice and neat. Be comfortable yet still professional. That is business casual.

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What You Should Know About Canvas Shoes

By , March 13, 2017 10:17 am


Canvas is a coarse cloth material made of hemp that is used in a number of things including sails, tents, boards (used for painting on, i.e. painting canvasses) and shoes. The canvas shoe is a very basic form of casual shoe or sneaker. It is constructed very simply with a canvas upper and a rubber sole. Canvas shoes can be purchased in high top or low top and are available in almost any color you could ask for. Some canvas shoes, especially those made for children, have cute designs on them as well. On the other hand canvas shoes do not have much shock absorption, cushioning or support and therefore are not suitable for any type of “pounding the pavement?sort of activities. If you run, do aerobics, play tennis or any other sports then go in for an honest to goodness pair of sneakers and leave the canvas shoes for the beach or backyard. Canvas shoes are fun, casual, and versatile and are also not that pricey. You can buy a decent pair of them for anywhere from twenty to thirty dollars (and sometimes less).

canvas shoes

Canvas is a coarse cloth material made of hemp that is used in a number of things including sails, tents, boards (used for painting on, i.e. painting canvasses) and shoes. The canvas shoe is a very basic form of casual shoe or sneaker. It is constructed very simply with a canvas upper and a rubber sole. Canvas shoes can be purchased in high top or low top and are available in almost any color you could ask for. Some canvas shoes, especially those made for children, have cute designs on them as well. On the other hand canvas shoes do not have much shock absorption, cushioning or support and therefore are not suitable for any type of “pounding the pavement?sort of activities. If you run, do aerobics, play tennis or any other sports then go in for an honest to goodness pair of sneakers and leave the canvas shoes for the beach or backyard. Canvas shoes are fun, casual, and versatile and are also not that pricey. You can buy a decent pair of them for anywhere from twenty to thirty dollars (and sometimes less).

A big advantage of canvas shoes is that they are a “low maintenance?and “no fuss?kind of shoe. In other words taking care of them is a snap. First of all it is a good idea to protect your canvas shoes before wearing them (or even better, upon first purchasing them) by applying a cloth care spray or starch to them. If you have sensitive skin it is wise to wear vinyl or rubber gloves when you spray your shoes and then give your hands a good washing afterwards. If you have asthma or any other respiratory problem always wear a mask and if the spray gets into your eyes or causes your skin any irritation then rinse immediately with lots of water.

Canvas shoes can easily be thrown in the washing machine when they are dirty. Before you do so always remove any surface dirt from the sole or sides of the shoe with a slightly damp cloth. If the shoes are caked in mud then gently scrub them with a soft brush and water first. Any commercial detergent (such as Tide, Ivory Snow, Sunlight or Gain) should get them nice and clean. It is advisable to remove the laces and either wash them with the canvas shoes, hand wash them or wash them the next time you do a load of laundry. Canvas shoes can easily be hung up on a line to air dry. They generally should be ready to wear in a relatively short period of time.

If you wear a pair of canvas shoes in the wintertime (although this is not recommended- too cold!) and end up with thin white wavy lines on the upper of the sole, with a concentration of them around the sole of the shoe then these are salt stains from the road and must be removed as soon as possible. If left in place, salt stains will cause the canvas to go hard and then crack and the stitching is likely to unfortunately, rot away. Avoid this by washing your canvas shoes with a ‘suede and fabric?shampoo and then set them somewhere to air dry. Never allow canvas shoes to dry by placing them near a radiator, fireplace or any other form of direct heat as the intensity of the heat is likely to destroy the material of the shoe.

Canvas shoes don’t always retain their natural shape and sometimes it is because of the way we wear them such as how we walk in them. Some people put more weight on one side of their shoe than the other and this could potentially serve to wear down the sole or heel of a shoe and cause the upper to be stretched unnecessarily. To remedy this problem, use shoetrees (which can be purchased at most department and fine shoe stores) or pack the toes of your shoes with newspaper (or regular paper) to help them retain their original shape. And keep in mind that shoelaces need to be replaced once in awhile. Always tie up your laces and don’t buy ones that are either too long (dangerous and sloppy looking, not to mention they get dirty so easily) or too short (they will draw the shoe together unnaturally to compensate for their lack of length).

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Shirts: White Collars, Blue Collars, and others

By , March 8, 2017 7:21 pm


Custom Made shirt & custom Made suits are looks different then designer, because designer will be albe to design a suit for you but custom made tailor will be tailoring you which give you perfect & extra ordinary look.

La Rukico Tailors, custom tailor of New York –custom shirts, suits, blazers, tuxedos, sports jacket, cufflinks, blazer buttons, New York’s leading custom tailor, custom suits, shirts, blazers, tuxedo, sports jacket and top coats for men and women.

Shirts: White Collars, Blue Collars, and others…

  by:– Luke Mayes

If you’re unsure about what color your collar should be – the short answer is to have options. Your choice of color is one of the most important considerations when choosing the style of your business shirt collar.

White Collars

For a white shirt, the collar should always be white and made from the same fabric as the rest of the shirt. The only exception to this rule is the tuxedo shirt which may incorporate another white (textured) fabric for the shirt front (bib) and the cuffs.

The white shirt was previously a uniform requirement at IMB and a plain white shirt still communicates efficiency, aptitude, and professionalism.

For stripes, checks and solid colors, Gordon Gecko’s contrast white collar is still a great look on Wall Street. A contrast white collar (with white cuffs) is all about the big city, big deals, and big money. If you’re visiting a big city from a smaller city, a contrast white collar can communicate that you’re a genuine player and not intimidated by the big smoke.

If, on the other hand, you’re visiting a smaller city from New York, the contrast white collar can be a big turn off to blue collar management. Gecko’s, “Greed is good,” mantra appeals to some, but not to all. You don’t want to come across as a slick, big city executive when you’re selling farming machinery in Arkansas.

Blue Collars

When dealing with manufacturing operations as well as businesses in smaller communities, a blue shirt (with a matching collar) is a staple ingredient in a businessman’s wardrobe.

Unlike the white shirt which often represents administrative efficiency, the blue collared shirt represents a connection with physical work, engineering, and problem solving. When visiting agricultural sites, a button down blue collar shirt (always worn with a single breasted jacket) conveys both respect and discretion – with or without a tie.

For those business situations that require your multi-faceted understanding of finance, administration, manufacturing, and sales, a light blue shirt will fit the bill.


There are a myriad plaids, stripes, checks, dots, weaves, and color combinations to choose from when you’re looking for a business shirt. If you don’t usually wear a tie, compliment a solid jacket (or suit) with a bright, colorful shirt. If you wear ties, ensure that your tie and shirt do not compete for attention. An easy rule of thumb is to wear plainer shirts with busy ties and plainer ties with busy shirts.

Unless you’re latest recording has just gone platinum, be cautious of combining a busy suit, with a busy shirt, and a busy tie. That being said, if you’re confident in your own good taste, mix it up and show the world who you are. The choice of your collar color is sure to speak volumes about your personal style.

Coming soon:

  • Collar width, length, and spread – framing different faces
  • Wingtip (or Wing) collars and other black tie options

Visit our site : www.tailor.com

About the Writer –

Luke Mayes is a textile designer, an independent filmmaker (Red Shift director), and a freelance writer. His work has been published in Style, Apparel, Corporate Wardrobe, Cigar Aficionado, For The Groom, Playboy, and GQ.

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History of the Jermyn Street Shirt

By , March 4, 2017 5:03 am


An overview of the everchanging fortuenes of London’s premier shopping area, Jermyn Street. Includes a summary of the key shirt makers to the area including Turnbull & Asser.

bespoke, turnbull, asser, jermyn street, london

The ancient Norman mail shirt, which was made of felt, leather, and iron, was an important part of the Norman horseman’s outfit and left its mark on masculine fashion in England and worldwide. Even today, the shirt continues to be an important item in the masculine outfit, and although it is not possible to find a mail shirt (except in a museum), the shirt in its finest evolution can be found on Jermyn Street in the heart of London.

Jermyn Street shirts have the reputation of having been worn by royalty, aristocracy, world leaders, celebrities and other affluent people from around the world. The sale of fine goods for the upper crust in the area started in 1665, when the Earl of St. Albans, Henry Jermyn, was granted a lease to property in the area from King Charles II. Indeed, the Earl developed the St. James Market House and market place, and what became known as Jermyn Street extended eastward from the market. On Jermyn Street, the upper class households were further from the market, whilst those people less fortunate lived closer to the market.

Goods were produced and sold in the St. James Market House and square by shop owners who catered to the range of clientele. These shop owners included sellers such as butchers and produce vendors. There were also fine tailors, perfumers, and makers of other quality objects for their wealthy clients.

The lease for the market area passed into different hands in subsequent years, such as to the Lord Godolphin in 1815 and then the Putteney estate in 1740, and although by this time, the area had lost its polish, it was not demolished until 1818. At the same time, a new market was built to replace the old market, which was still in use. Business thrived under the attention.

Jermyn Street’s reputation as the shopping place for the well-heeled crowd was successfully revived in the 1800s. The business of Turnbull and Asser, Tailor and Shirt Maker was founded in 1885 and the shop moved to Jermyn Street twenty years later. As a part of bespoke outfitting, Turnbull & Asser continue to offer luxury bespoke shirts that are made to measure, hand cut, and hand sewn and of custom quality.

Other fine tailors and shirt makers who offer bespoke shirts have taken up residence on Jermyn Street. Some of these other shops that offer bespoke shirts and tailoring include Harvey & Hudson, Heldritch & Key, Hawes & Curtis, Charles Tyrwhitt as well as Herby Frogg, T. M. Lewin and Sons and Thomas Pink.

Close to Jermyn Street, is the famous intersection known as Piccadilly Circus. This spot is known around the world as the central area for entertainment and shopping in west London. There are many excellent places for shopping for items including the made to measure shirts on Piccadilly Street which brings in many English and international customers.

The shirt in history has always made statements about its wearer and has the power to convey personality, wealth, and power. The English bespoke shirts of Jermyn Street have reached a zenith in shirt design and styling, and their quality makes them the top choice for men of affluence and power. For many customers, only the Jermyn Street bespoke shirts will satisfy their needs in a shirt and it is likely that this will continue for many years to come.

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